Patrick Wilson Antiques – Specializing in Art Nouveau & Art Deco Ceramics



Patrick Wilson formed Patrick Wilson Antiques in 2014. Patrick’s initial education was not in the decorative arts. He graduated from Leeds University in 1987 with a BSc in Chemistry and then went on to train in IT. His last appointment was at Allianz Global Investors France where he was vice president in the IT department.

He developed an interest in the decorative arts from a very young age, born to English and French parents; he developed a combined passion for French and English decorative arts. He was already buying Art Deco and Art Nouveau pottery as young as sixteen at art fairs all around the UK. He moved to Paris in 1991 where he met his wife and has lived there ever since. He continued his passion in ceramics and quickly turned his interests to French Art nouveau and Art Deco ceramics. Over the next twenty-three years and still counting, Patrick continued to purchase important French ceramics online, at art fairs, on brocantes and at major auction houses; he has acquired over 600 pieces from the Art Deco and Art nouveau periods, covering all the major artists from that time.

In 2012 Patrick decided to make this passion his full time activity and he resigned from his job. This site will regularly show ceramics from his personal collection. He is also writing a book on a very important French ceramist from the art deco period that he hopes to publish soon.